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I know it sounds impossible or even ridiculous, you probably be wondering can anyone boast of closing deals daily? 

To clear your doubt I’m going to tell you how Sarah who was a high school teacher quit her job to become an insurance agent and in less than 14 weeks she closed her first deal and made a commission of N125,650 which was twice of her monthly salary as a teacher. She was amazed at the possibility of becoming an agent and wanted to scale up her commission to 7 figures.

In less than a month after her first commission she landed her first 7 figure commission by applying a secret strategy I’m going to share with you. The amazing thing is that a lot of Insurance agents are using this secret strategy and it works wonders.

Sadly, some agents don’t know of this method and if they do, it will take their sales through the roof. Read on and I will explain everything Sarah did to land her first N125,650 commission, I will tell you about the secret strategy she used to bag 7 figure commission.

So let’s Jump into it…from the next couple of lines I will covering 6 things things you need to do today to help improve your sales just like Sarah did and I can assure you of amazing results 

Important Notice>>Learn the Secret Strategy Sarah used in generating 17 clients who are actively looking for covering in less that 30 days<<

1.Don't Only Sell, Advice

Become an educator and advisor not just an agent, give value, show your client you are interested in helping them make the right decision even if it means not buying from you. When you educate you build trust and trust is very important to any client looking to buy from you.

2.Sell with Storytelling

Everyone wants an assurance that any purchasing plan isn’t the wrong one and what is the best way to convince people to buy other than “Storytelling”. Storytelling puts everything in perceptive, your story should be how your insurance plan was beneficial to someone and how it will help in improving their current situation.

Remember you are advising more and selling less. This way your client sees more of the benefits. Be careful not to lie about the benefits, you are trying to build trust and lying won’t do that, just make sure you are honest about the benefits and allow the client to decide if to buy or not 

3.Personalize your Insurance experience

There’s an old saying, you can’t give what you don’t have, so whatever sales pitch you are coming up with should include your experience with the product.Think about it, if a plan is very fantastic why are you not on it? are you selling what you not using? Then how would you know the benefits. 

Always share your experience, either directly or indirectly with you clients, this way they feel you have the rights to explain the benefits to them because you have a one on one experience with the plan, because let’s face the fact, we know how skeptical people are about insurance or insurance agents. You need to be convincing.  

4.Don't Sell Everything

Don’t appear as a hustler who is just looking to sell everything, don’t jump from selling health (at first meet with your client) to selling car and vessel insurance. Try to be a niched based agent. Try offer fewer plans at first meet, after trust as be established you can pitch in other offers based on perceived need 

Important Notice>>Learn the Secret Strategy Sarah used in generating 17 clients who are actively looking for covering in less that 30 days<<

5.Offer Referral or Finder Fees to your Current Clients

Remember how I talked about trust and how it is very essential to every business. Referral is a fast way to build trust, if you can get your client’s to refer you as the go to insurance guy, 80% of the work is done. I’m sure you will agree with the power of referral, but the big question is how do you get your client to easily refer you?

Compensate their efforts! it can’t get simpler than that, compensate your client’s for any referral solicited or not, show them you appreciate an refer they push your way, this way they will be eager to do it again.

Please not compensation isn’t always monetary, it can be in the form of a gesture or service rendered to client for free. This way your client is your agent, without them know…

6.Increase Your Presence Online

We all follow people who are authorities in a specific field and your clients will follow and listen to you wheb they see you are an authority in the insurance space. 

How do you increase your presence online? 

put out contents that cover the subject matter, write articles, blog, organize webinars all aimed at educating your clients on the best plans or the plans that you currently sell. This way when anyone has a need for insurance or advise on what plan to go for, you be top in mind. Now this is the juicy part, when you advice a client’s who is in need of good covering, guess who will eventually provide him the covering? you answer current, YOU!

As promised,the strategy Sarah used to bag in big commission in less that 30 days is called LFG


With the LFG Strategy you will be able to get an automated system that generates clients for you on a daily basis with little or no stress. The wonderful thing is that this system is wired to qualify clients, so you will easily know what PLAN to offer to your client.

Imagine no more cracking your head of where to get clients, no more going to malls and knocking on doors of offices most likely not to buy from you, no more endless calls with clients who don’t need what you selling, no more heart break of “I will get back to you”, no more “I don’t think this is right for me now”, no more draught, no more begging few prospective clients to buy from you because you have tons of clients who are willing to buy from you.

If you are tired of the “No mores” and want the “Yes mores” I will recommend you join the exact training Sarah was part of that changed her life.

The training Show Sarah step by step on what to do to shoot her sales through the roof by flooding her with endless clients.

Imagine what you can do with the extra sales, extra commission, extra revenue coming to you. The possibilities are endless when you have a system that works for you, a system that helps you close deals even while you are asleep

So I decided to make this course available and accessible to you because as agents, no sales means no commission and no commission means no salary, no salary means a worse economy than what we are currently experiencing, and we know what this means

For Just N4,999 you can have access to this life changing system , but I honestly can’t assure you of the price staying that way for long, by tomorrow the price might be pushed up to N20,000 or N40,000 (depending on the demand), to limit the amount of people discovering this strategy, so that early birds like you will have the advantage of being the first set of folks to apply it before it gets saturated. 

Stop working hard but work smart, Stop waiting for miracle to happen but be the “Miracle”

This Is Why You Should Listen To Me When I Say This Course Will Be Good For You

Over the years I have helped about 73 Insurance agents to setup a system that generates qualified leads on a regular basis. I have also helped more than 90 women to understand how digital marketing works and how to use it to improve their businesses

I have also consulted and help establish more than 200 businesses and I’m currently consulting for some of these companies who are doing extremely well


In simply terms, you will be learning:

  • How generate clients on a daily basis
  • How to avoid some common mistakes that’s hindering your sales 
  • The LFG System that promises to change the game for you
  • How to automate your System to help you close more deals than you can imagine
  • How to write your sales mails or pitch in a way that motivates your clients to buy from you
  • How to build trust with your clients
  • How to be an authority in the insurance industry


I have decided to included my 7 weeks free  Mentorship Program as a bonus

So you won’t just have access to the course, you will also have me holding your hand every step of the way! Yes, I will be with you till you start seeing result. For the next 7 weeks, I will be your guide. My mandate is to see you make “7 figures in Less than 30 days”, A journey we both can achieve.

I WILL ALSO INCLUDE "Effective Sales Page eBook" AS A BONUS

Every sales online need a good drafted sales page that easily converts. A sales page that can motivate your clients to do exactly what you want them to do. You will learn how to copyright like a pro-this is a very important skill to own in this world of digital marketing 

PS: All bonuses are applicable to early birds, meaning you won’t get access to the free 7 weeks mentorship and the eBook if the timer gets to zero. To get the bonus you will have to ACT NOW!