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The eBook exposes some hidden secrets about Fibroid, how to deal with the heavy bleeding and pains that come with it. It also discusses about the myth and fiction.

It covers:

  • What actually is Fibroid
  • What no one ever tells you about fibroids
  • Avoiding some treatment lies that promises cure
  • Dealing with pains during pregnancy
  • Facts and Fiction about fibroids
  • What Can help
  • And many more


What's Inside The eBook

We know how difficult it is dealing with fibroid and how frustrating it can be looking for answers. In this book you will discover free and simple steps in managing fibroid.

If you don’t want to go under the knife and  still want to deal with fibroid, this book explains how your lifestyle affects the growth of your fibroid.

It also exposes some lies that most treatment promises to provide.

It’s surgery the way to go? this book will guide you into making that decision.

You will learn the number one reason why you should not be ashamed of having fibroid.

This book provides like a support system to keep you going whenever the pain and bleeding gets so bad and you feel alone.

You will read about the speculation on why fibroid is so rampant nowadays.

Is This Book Worth The Read

A big Yes. With all the bleeding, pain and discomfort that is associated with fibroid, Having a book by your side that helps you cut through all the drama is worth the read.

Having the comfort and relief from fibroid can’t be over emphasized and that’s what you will be getting when you read this book.

Doctors in the medical field are confused as to what causes fibroid, but reading this book will give you possible reasons why 80% of African and African-American women develop fibroid around the world.


Is This A Medical Book

No. This book is not a medical book and does not provide any medical solution for fibroid.

Everything you will be reading from this book is from someone who experienced fibroid and how the battle that was fought.

Terms used in this book are easy to read and can be understood by anyone regardless of their educational background.

This book should not replace your medical consultant and I recommend you don’t fail to consult them when necessary.

How Much Is This Book

The book is valued at $15, but don’t worry that’s not how much you will spend.

If you decide to get the book today, before the countdown clock reaches zero, you will be able to get the book for a discounted price of $8.

As a bonus, if you get the book today, you will also get access to my free 30 days SHRINK THAT FIBROID PROGRAM.

 I love you and want to help you as much as I can to fight your fibroid. All you need to do is hold my hand and let’s go on this journey together. You don’t have to be alone.