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What Every New Realtor Need To Do To Generate Sales, Close More Deals and Earn BIG Commission On a Regular Basis With Little Or No Experience

I want to tell you about a friend, Chidi. He graduated from school and was in search of a job like every young graduate will do. With bags full of hopes and a file filled with potential, Chidi was introduced into the labor market. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months still no job. After 2 years jobless, Chidi came across a Real Estate firm recruiting for Marketers. 

He took the flyer, called the number on it and was given an appointment for an interview, which he attended. A lot of promises were made and his hope was high, he looked forward to earning big commissions, made projections and saw the benefits of selling an acre or 3 acres of land.

Chidi was excited about this new opportunity but the problem is, he does not really now any rich person that can buy a plot of land not to talk about acres of land. This was a big problem, because one of the keep point he took home was “start from your network, speak to your friends and family”, those words kept playing in his mind. 

He searched high and low but no one he could market to, this was a bit discouraging to him. Started the business regardless and remember going for months with no sales, no big commission and no money. Before deciding to give up he saw an ad on Facebook claiming to teach people the skills need to sell properties on a regular basis.

It sounded too good to be true, but again he thought what did he have to loose. He register for the course, he took about 1 weeks to master some of the skills learnt, by the second week he set up the system and by the fourth week he had his first inspection with a prospect, before the end of the week payment was made and the following week he got his first 7 figure commission.

Things was different now, Chidi was no longer a struggling man but he was living the life he always dreamed of. 

Now, The big question is what did Chidi know that change matters for him?

What did he do differently to land big clients?

What did he learn in that training he signed up for that changed his life?

I am going to review to you what help Chidi and how you can implement the same strategy to your marketing and get the same or better result

He turn to the digital marketing and that was when things changed for him.

He Learned how to use the internet and its component to get both international and local clients who are interested in his properties. He and mastered how to use social media to effectively sell. He has learnt how to run sponsored ads and how to generate qualified  leads on a regular basis.

If you are new or old to real estate marketing but STRUGGLING TO GENERATE SALES, I suggest you learn how to harness the digital space and you will be amazed on the endless opportunities

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